Zubeir began his volunteering journey with the Inspire Project in November 2020. Despite the limitations caused by the occurring pandemic, just as online training and sessions, his enthusiasm to volunteer shone through. Once we were able to return to face-to-face sessions, Zubeir’s positive and approachable nature allowed him to build bonds with the young people. During breaks, he would delight and entertain them with magic and card tricks.
We recently conducted an interview with Zubeir on volunteering at FOCUS. Reflecting on his own life, Zubeir recognises the positive impact adults can have on young people.
“When I was young, certain adults gave me the confidence to achieve,” he told us. “Having role models really changed my life. When I was younger a teacher had a chat with me and took time to listen. It was a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment and my life went in a totally different direction.”
In August 2021, Zubeir got to experience the return of the Inspire Residentials. He helped to provide a fun-packed and engaging personal development programme for a larger group of young people than he had dealt with before. Zubeir provided a First Aid Training workshop for the young people, volunteers, and staff.
Zubeir continues to offer his support from afar in the Inspire Project’s WhatsApp group. There, he has become well-known for telling the odd ‘dad joke,’ or sharing his love for Leicester City Football Club and The Leicester Tigers.
“Family and friends are the most precious commodity you have. They enrich your life and make it bearable.”