Liam joined our volunteer team in 2018 and has since been an invaluable member. He lives and breathes ‘Leicester’, with a wealth of experience from working for the community. Liam studied contemporary dance at DuPont Dance School, and worked as a holiday camp rep for a number of years across England. He is presently a student at Northampton University and aiming to become a Pediatric Nurse after his studies finish.

We caught up with him recently to discuss his time volunteering at FOCUS:

“In my time with FOCUS, I’ve worked extensively with Leicestival and Inspire. My personal highlights are assisting two marvelous Caribbean Carnival events. They were a smash hit with young people.” Liam also loved the challenging experience of Inspire project’s residential in Gloucestershire in 2018.
We asked him what he thinks any new volunteer should consider when working with young people.

He emphasized, “Don’t be afraid; it’s okay to be apprehensive. Understand that to build rapport with young people takes time plus experience. The wealth of knowledge and support from FOCUS staff and fellow volunteers means we all build and grow together.”

His final words were, “If you feel like you are struggling, FOCUS has got your back!”

Liam is looking forward to welcoming and working with the new intake of volunteers inducted this winter.