Trains volunteers aged 18-25 to support young people in mental health crises.

Facing the Future is a volunteering project training in mental-health first-aid. Our goal is to give these volunteers the skills, knowledge and confidence to support the mental health of Leicester’s young people.

Volunteers are trained to provide one to one interventions, to help young people prevent issues from becoming severe. Their encouragement will help young people to trust their own capabilities, and better manage their mental health.

Facing the Future volunteers work with new and existing FOCUS young people, being available to respond to their needs as they arise. FtF volunteers also hold brand-new sessions and events surrounding positive mental-health and well-being. This includes community action and social activity, enhancing feelings of social connection among the group and others.

Get involved and become a mental health first-aider!

Volunteers training under Facing the Future will be directly helping Leicester’s young people feel happier, more optimistic for the future. Their work brings young people confidence that they have the resources to prevent or recover from mental health issues or crises.

Thank you to Children in Need and MDRT!

This project has been created thanks to a generous three-year grant from BBC Children in Need, and a one-year grant from MDRT. We are grateful to everyone at BBC Children in Need and at MDRT for their support.