Z was referred to us in 2021 to boost their confidence and develop their communication skills. They have really enjoyed taking part in the START Programme. 

Before taking part in sessions on START, Z found it difficult to run their own sessions at work. Their lack of confidence prevented them from talking to people, leaving their home or taking on new opportunities. 

Z told us that they had gained the most from START’s communication and team-leadership sessions, as well as managing community projects. The have allowed Z to “feel more confident going to places on my own, as before I would get very anxious”. They have since taken the leap to take on new opportunities at work. 

“I want to do my paddle instructor course. Before I didn’t feel confident in myself, but I feel confident now to do so.”

Z has now completed twelve weeks of personal development sessions. They say the START Programme is a great way for other young people to gain new skills and develop their own confidence. Since joining us, they have taken on a paid apprenticeship role, working as an outdoor activity instructor. They pride themselves on their volunteering with local scout groups.

“I actually run a lot of my own sessions now, and I feel more comfortable talking to groups.” 

Z wants to continue supporting other young people at FOCUS. They are excited to use their increased confidence in the world of work.