Come to FOCUS, get out the house more and make new friends. The pandemic lockdowns really hurt my mental health. Coming to Leicestival has helped my confidence since then.

Rosie, aged 20, 2023

Thank you for making FOCUS a part of my life. It just feels like part of my life is missing when I am not there.

Orla, aged 14, 2024

Leicestival has given me the best opportunities, like helping local communities. It has also brought joy and laughter back into my life! Makes me feel good about myself.

Jamela, 2022

From volunteering and being part of FOCUS, my confidence has improved. I have been able to talk a lot more, and found it easier being part of a team, whereas in the past I would have struggled to take the initiative. It has given me a sense of belonging in the wider community.

Cain, aged 23, October 2022

Very good with kids give them a lot of support

zac preece

Brilliant place to be. Inspiring people doing inspiring things to support and build independence,relations and understanding.Working hard to show unity in a diverse world.

cheree elliott

These guys are doing a absolutely fantastic job for the kids.

Sandip Matharu
I love what these guys do. A chance for teenagers that for whatever reason struggle to engage and express feelings. This charity turns well meant quotations and sentiment into a reality ❤
Henry Thompson