Hasina joined Focus in January 2020, volunteering on the START programme. In June that year became part of the Focus staff team. 

Prior to her journey to become a youth worker, in 2002 she graduated as a biomedical scientist, however it was not fulfilling enough for her. Later in life she volunteered with the youth offending team as a panel member, and realised this was her passion and changed her career path and recently graduated with an MA in childhood and youth.  

“I finally feel fulfilled! It took awhile with patience and  perseverance, though I realised you are never too old to follow your dreams. I am now following my passion supporting young people helping them on their journey to achieve their goals, and make a difference to their lives, this means a lot to me. I am very humbled to be working alongside an amazing supportive team, and a fantastic organisation I’m privileged to be a part of.”