Jenny joined the Focus board in 2019 bringing with her more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing.


The business owner and mother-of-three has worked with start-up companies through to global household brands building strategic marketing campaigns that support the business’ plans for growth.


Jenny is an ambitious, creative thinker who injects passion and propels passion and energy into the business community.


Single-handedly, Jenny created a business community that became loyal to both Cross Production’s and Niche Magazine’s products and events in no more than 18 months.


Her ‘nothing can stop me’ mindset is infectious. She exerts her expertise to enhance local projects, supporting charities and connecting organisations across the region.


After developing her business and watching her children grow up, Jenny has developed a passion for inspiring the younger generation. Where she can, she helps to coach young people by delivering talks in schools, attending careers fairs, and supporting charities for young people.